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Gabrielle is an HCPC registered Integrative Arts Psychotherapist and a teacher.

Her work in art education and special needs since 1994 has led her to believe that engaging with the arts is a healthy human phenomenon rather than the property of a few talented people.
Her rigorous, four years of training at the Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education (IATE) in London resulted in completion of her Masters in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy; She also has a B.Ed, PGCE, an advanced diploma in the Therapeutic and Educational Application of the Arts and a Certificate in Counselling Skills.

The Arts have a unique power to help us feel and make sense of our life experience. People come to Arts Psychotherapy because it allows them an opportunity to explore feelings, beliefs, thoughts and events: it can support change and growth on a personal level in a safe and confidential environment.

Using the Arts can help you to understand old problems and find new ways of responding that can make a powerful difference in your life helping you to heal.

I will provide a safe and confidential space and support you towards greater wellbeing and living a more satisfying life with increased understanding of painful and difficult feelings that impact negatively on your life and relationships in the present.

I work holistically integrating traditional and non-traditional psychotherapy treatments including art, music, mindfulness, writing, sand tray, body and movement, role play,

Specific conditions treatable

Integrative Arts Psychotherapy can be beneficial in a wide range of cases, including Anxiety, Self esteem, Panic attacks, Dissatisfaction, eating disorders, relationships, coping with change and loss. mid-life issues, addiction, trauma, depression, grief, or other types of physical, mental or emotional challenges.

Benefits of therapy

Integrative Arts Psychotherapy has the capacity to transform lives and create lasting change. IAP is for anyone who would like to live a more satisfying life, or who would like a deeper understanding of painful and difficult feelings, especially when these impact negatively on their lives and relationships in the present.

  • Increased self awareness
  • Self-understanding
  • Explore new ideas and new ways of being
  • Reducing stress
  • Building problem solving skills
  • Improving self esteem
  • Managing anxiety
  • Resolving inner turmoil and conflicts
  • Relaxing and calming nerves
  • Expressing feelings and experiences
  • Developing new ways to cope
  • Working towards wellbeing
  • Staying motivated during the recovery process

How it works

IAP is a process to help you find the capacity for improvement within yourself. I will work sensitively with you using the arts, symbol, image and metaphor, allowing a space for reflection, thought and feeling. Out of this safe, creative space a dialogue can begin to develop about your experience of living. The arts have a unique power to help us to feel and make sense of experience; feelings unfold and it can be like a surprise meeting with your self, discovering a new or hidden part of you and experiencing feelings in a new way.

What happens in a session?

Integrative Arts Psychotherapy will help you to know yourself better in relation to the world. In the session, we would build a trusting and secure relationship working together using a range of creative processes. The Arts offer added opportunities for expression and communication. This can be helpful when particular issues or feelings are difficult to talk about.  

‘I have become aware throughout my life and work that people are healthier and happier when they feel safe to express themselves. Therapy is a process of deepening awareness, increasing choice and changing behaviour.

In my practice I provide a safe space to explore various unhappy and painful aspects of life. Offering an empathic holding presence, I will support my client to work with their inner and outer world, tolerating and processing emotional pain, developing awareness and a capacity to bear strong emotions.

In my approach, I integrate a broad range of theories including Gestalt therapy, Transactional analysis, Object relations and Attachment theory. Encouraging mentalisation,  (which is the capacity to reflect on inner states of self and others) and keeping up to date with neuroscience and psychology of human development are a significant part of my continuing professional development.

Life causes us to develop defensive strategies, through active experimentation, I have ascertained that working with the arts offers added opportunities for bypassing defenses and expressing and containing the unspeakable.

‘Art is but a medium to bring forth images already active in our moment to moment lives’ (Watkins:1984)

Using the arts, image, symbol and metaphor can offer a profound language to capture feeling. The art process has the power to create an altered state of consciousness and can deepen and develop conversation and meaning, changing the way we think and feel.’

Length of session

60 minutes

Days/Times available


Prices per session

You can contact me for an initial consultation session for which I charge a reduced rate of £20. In this session we will discuss your reasons for wanting therapy, the length and frequency of our sessions, the fees and we can get a feeling for working together.

£40-50 Per session thereafter

Contact details

Email:                                                     Gaby logo                                                            

Call: 07791 440000



"I went to Arts Psychotherapy because I felt worried and anxious all of the time and my relationships were bad. I had 40 sessions with Gaby where I explored my issues and learnt a lot about myself. My personal relationships have improved and I have more confidence and understanding of myself. It’s a mixture of the talking and the artwork, I have a softer feeling now and don’t jump to conclusions like I used to." Anon

"Arts Psychotherapy enabled me to look at my difficult issues and come to terms with them. It has definitely transformed the way I think about myself and my relationships with others." Anon

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