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The rewind technique is a very effective and well tested technique that neutralises the disturbing feelings associated with birth trauma.

Specific Conditions Treatable / Who is the Class for?

Birth trauma occurs when birth has been a frightening, traumatic and negative experience. This could be because they feared for their life, their partners life or their baby's life during birth or because they felt out of control and disempowered or simply because they were treated unkindly.
The symptoms of birth trauma can vary but can include flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety, panic attacks, guilt, anger, sadness, depression, difficulty bonding with baby, difficulty relating to partner.
This form of PTSD can effect both mums, dads and birth workers.

Benefits of the Therapy / Class

By using a three step process, birth debrief, rewind technique and finally hypnosis you will be able to neutralise the negative feelings you have associated to your birth.

What happens in a Session

A birth debriefing session can provide a safe space for parents to tell their story and is the first step to understanding what happened and what course of further action to take.
We will then carry out the rewind technique which is a very effective and well tested technique that neutralises the disturbing feelings associated with birth trauma. The memory of what happened still exists but it no longer provokes anxiety, panic, guilt, anger or sadness allowing the person to move forward with their life.
Lastly hypnosis can help restore feelings of calm and confidence to someone who has been plagued with the anxiety associated with birth trauma.
By using these three steps, birth debrief, rewind technique and hypnosis we can help you move on from the feelings you have attached to birth.

Length of Session and availability / Class day and time

My birth trauma healing work consists of two sessions, each session lasting between 1-2 hours.

Prices / Special Offers

£185 (includes 2 sessions, between 1-2 hours each)

Contact Details:

Email: vicky@innercalmbirth.co.uk

Telephone: 07766 448464

Visit: www.InnerCalmBirth.co.uk

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