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Traditional Thai Foot Massage is a unique therapy. It combines acupressure, energy balancing and stretching with applied yoga exercises. Whereas most traditional western massage practises focus on tissue manipulation and the working of the muscles and joints, Thai massage barely touches on either of these. It is more a manipulation of the pressure points, energy lines, and basic body forces which together produce a highly therapeutic effect.

Specific conditions Treatable:       

Arthritic conditions, insomnia, stress and oedema
Benefits of therapy:        

  • Helps to improve circulation
  • Aids lymphatic drainage
  • Helps to boost the immune system
  • Aids the removal of toxins
  • Helps to increase oxygen to the body
  • Reduces stiffness and improves flexibility
  • Aids mental tiredness

How it works:                          

Traditional Thai Foot Massage is practised everywhere in Thailand today and is a primary component of traditional Thai medicine.
Traditional Thai Foot Massage can be effective in relieving various dysfunctions and disorders; but it is also a wonderful treatment to promote overall health, increase energy and to provide a general sense of wellbeing.

What happens in a Session?       

Using thumbs, hands and a wooden acupressure tool, massage is applied to the lower legs and feet using rubbing, kneading, stretching and vibration techniques.  

Length of session:    

45 mins (please allow an hour for 1sr appointment)         

Special offers:        

1st appointment: £25 – thereafter £35                          

Contact details:


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