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Using Hypnosis to support you in labour has been researched and found to reduce the length of the first stage of labour from 50 to 37 minutes.

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This programme aims to remove all of the fears associated with birth. It empowers you and your birthing partner to have control and confidence to make choices about the birth you really want and it gives the birthing partner a clear supportive role that is practised beforehand. 

Clinical research has shown that relaxed, positive and confident mothers have better birth outcomes. During the programme you learn how to deeply relax using hypnosis which you may wish to use during labour. Under hypnosis you can relax and think and have full control of your body. If you choose not to use the hypnosis there is a lot more in the program to empower you for the birth you wish to experience.  

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Birth is a natural process but if you are anxious or scared during labour your body goes into the ‘Fight or Flight’ response which means that your body sends your blood supply to prepare your body to run or fight and it practically shuts down your reproductive area. You will learn what the body’s response is and how to take control of it. It is also important to remember that your baby is sensing all that you do and what you take into your body, including any drugs you take during labour. Using this Hypnobirth program and hypnosis the chances of you needing any medical intervention including pain relief can be reduced dramatically, also meaning that the healing time of your body is increased and your baby can be born without any drugs in their system. If for some reason your birth does not go to plan this programme empowers and prepares you to continue feeling calm and in control.

This program includes a copy of notes for you at each session and hypnosis scripts for your birthing partner to read to you and any hypnosis recordings.

I hold a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and I am a qualified Fertility 2 Birth practitioner and an Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach. I am passionate about supporting and empowering women and their birthing partners to have the most positive birth experience possible through Hypnobirthing and hypnosis.


£250 for the whole programme, including between and afterwards


Karen Bromley. Dip Hyp Cs   

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