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Reflexology for Bowel Disorders

Any change in bowel habits should be checked out as a medical issue, and therefore if a client has not already done so, I would insist on referring the client to their GP before commencing treatment.

Reflexology can help bowel disorders by ensuring that muscular activity is improved by increasing peristalsis when needed, and generally controlling the speed of passage of food and the rate of digestion. However, clients are encouraged to also take part in the healing process themselves by adopting a healthier lifestyle – when we think how the alimentary canal has to deal with some of the foods we eat often in excess we can see why there is such an increase in diseases of the bowel, it does not only have to contend with poor eating habits but also smoking, viruses, stress, and anxiety; the result being that the intestines are perpetually at a great disadvantage from the strains imposed on them.

Reflexology for Back Pain

#Lower back pain, along with difficulty in movement, can happen quite suddenly and may be caused by twisting, bending, or overstretching, as the force of any activity is passed down through the spine, even standing up or sitting down can be an issue. If you think about it the spine never rests, even breathing causes our thoracic spine to move. The head is actually 2 per cent of our body weight and therefore too much movement of either the head or the neck during exercise can create stress on the spinewhere back issues are concerned, lifestyle factors certainly need to be taken into consideration with postural defects being one of the main culprits. Many disabling conditions are directly related to incorrect movements be it lifting, walking, lying, bending or even sitting incorrectly. If a movement is incorrect it often involves more than one part of the spine and can pull the spine out of alignment.

How can reflexology help back pain?

Reflexology can be extremely beneficial for both chronic and acute pain as it increases emotional well-being and reduces stress; in fact chronic back pain can often cause stress which will lead to an increase in the pain level experienced. For that reason by reducing the stress levels, the symptoms of chronic back pain can also be reduced. Reflexology boosts the immune system as well as increasing circulation, both of which will help the healing process and speed up recovery, and can help to stop the original complaint from reoccurring.

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