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What is Coaching?

Coaching is a way of working through where you are now, identifying where you want to be, then supporting you to develop options and actions to help you get there.  It assumes that you are generally ‘ok’ and functioning well in most areas in your life but that there is something you want to change.  It also assumes that you, rather than the coach, can work out the best way forward for yourself.  My role as coach is to help you work out what your goal is, what your options are and how you can achieve your goal, and then support you to take steps to do it.

  •  Do you feel stuck and unsure how to move forward at work, or in your home life?
  •  Do you need time and space to reflect, think and plan?
  • Do you feel you could do more in your personal time, if only you knew what you wanted to do?
  • Do you secretly still wonder what you might do when you grow up?

Coaching can help you find the balance that’s right for you.

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How does it work?

Basically, the process is about you talking and me listening and asking carefully targeted and very effective questions!  It’s very effective and can really help when you’re feeling stuck.  You will be motivated to take action to change your situation and will feel much more positive.  You’ll also learn some useful techniques to help yourself in the future.

Sessions generally last an hour.  Coaching can take as many or as few sessions as each person needs, but four sessions is a good number to begin with.

Who is my coach?

I’m a certified coach, so I have expertise in helping you to work out what it is you want.  But I always recognise that YOU are the expert in YOU!  I can help you find the answers that are already in you; I won’t try and lead you down a specific path because only you can unearth what’s right for you.

(Having said all that, I’m a mum, I run two businesses, I’ve worked and juggled things just like you over two decades, so I have plenty of life experience to draw on and can sympathise with your challenges and dilemmas!)

What does it cost?

If you would like to try coaching, I offer a FREE half hour introductory phone call to chat through the process, and talk a bit about what it is that you want to explore.  

£55 per hour thereafter.

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