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Mental Toughness Test / Development Programme

Mental Toughness is the quality which determines in some part how people deal with challenge, stressors and pressure. The MTQ48 psychometric test is powerful, accurate and one of the world’s first measures of Mental Toughness. The development programme is a series of hands-on workshops in which you can experience and learn: attention control techniques, EFT, relaxation & visualisation techniques, mindfulness, meditation, dealing with performance anxiety, the effects of stress on the body & how to avoid it.

Specific conditions treatable

The MTQ48 test & Development Programme is particularly suitable for those who:

  • Are undergoing change or challenging circumstances
  • Are feeling stressed
  • Are lacking in confidence
  • Preparing for exams or tests
  • Those who consistently work in a potentially stressful environment
  • Participate in competitive sports

Benefits of therapy

Improved performance, morale, less chance of stress-related illness, improved confidence and ability to relax. 
This test & development programme will give you insight into “what makes you tick” as well as provide you with the tools & techniques that could continue to help you for the rest of your life.
How it works:
First take the MTQ48 test and receive one-to-one feedback to ascertain your current level of Mental Toughness. Then attend a series of workshops during which you will experience and learn the tools and techniques required to help you to develop your resilience, confidence, commitment, emotional control & life control.

What happens in a session

(As above)

Length of session

The MTQ48 test is carried out in the comfort of your own home and takes less than ten minutes to complete.  The one to one feedback takes 20-30 minutes and the development workshops consist of one 90 minute session each week for 3 weeks.

Days/Times available

Various, please contact Jo Wortley on: 01284 754292 for details

Prices per session

MTQ48 test & feedback £45
MTQ48 test, feedback & development programme £95*
*Introductory price for limited time only.

Special offers
(As above)

Contact details

for more details please contact Jo Wortley
(T) 01284 754292
(M) 07855 734877


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