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When we are well, our energy flows freely around our body, however stress, shock, accidents or loss of any kind can cause the flow of this energy to become blocked, leaving our bodies out of balance.  

Vicky works with a combination of healing tools including Reiki, to offer a unique tailor-made experience for your own individual needs.

Ultimately Reiki healing is about change, it’s about wanting to enhance your life for the better.
Ask yourself these questions… 

Do I want to change something about my life?

Am I ready to change?

If you do want to change something; make something better; improve your mental, physical, emotional or spiritual self then Reiki is right for you.

Specific conditions treatable

•    Stress
•    Depression
•    Grief
•    Insomnia
•    Worry
•    Pain relief

•    Digestive problems
•    Headaches
•    Tension
•    Helps relieve active minds

Benefits of therapy

A Reiki treatment is usually a relaxing and stress reducing experience.  It allows blocked energy to flow, which allows the body’s energy to move freely once again, this means that a Reiki Healing session can also be an ideal catalyst for emotional release.  

Some people may notice a change within themselves almost immediately, some who may have more chronic conditions such as physical or emotional issues may need a few treatments and notice a gradual change within themselves.  These changes could include an increase in energy, a decrease in pain or a lift in mood.  The changes, if you are ready to accept them could be limitless for each individual.

How it works

Reiki is described as the ‘universal life force energy’ and is all around us.  This energy is channelled through the practitioner into the client and works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It helps to balance the emotions, break destructive tendencies, and heal the mind, body and soul.  However it isn’t something that can simply be explained, it has to be felt.   The client will often feel heat from the practitioners’ hands, and feel that their energy is being cleaned from head to toe.  Pins and needles may also be felt which generally means that a block has been released.

What happens in a session?

A short consultation will be taken at the beginning of the session then the client will be asked to relax on the couch and encouraged to just allow the mind to drift.
The client remains fully clothed throughout the session.
Vicky generally works in or around peoples energies but may on occasion need to lay my hands on or near to the body but this is done respectfully and gently as not to disturb the client.   

Length of session

A single Reiki healing session lasts 1 hour.
Vicky also offer a 6 week ‘Fundamental Change’ healing package which includes multiple techniques such as Reiki, hypnosis, regression and herbal medicine.  Over the 6 weeks you will be able to clear blocks, reduce unexplained pain, improve confidence, increase energy, balance emotions and make a fundamental change in your life.

Days/Times available

Vicky is available by appointment:
•    Wednesday 2pm -7pm
•    Thursday 9am – 1pm
•    Friday 2pm – 7pm
•    Saturday 9am -1pm

Please call or Email Vicky directly for availability or to make a booking

Prices per session

Single Reiki Sessions of 1 hour : £45
6 week ‘Fundamental Change’ package:  9.5 hours of healing and therapy: £360 (saving £67.50)

Taster reiki sessions at £25 for a half an hour treatment and a £10 discount of the next full treatment if booked that day.

Buy 5 reiki treatments and get the 6th session free

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Vicky Warner

Call: 07771 800888

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