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Many couples find that trying to conceive can place an enormous strain upon their relationship and making love can become a trial with either or both parties feeling under pressure to perform, working with both partners helping them to understand their own very individual fertility indicators can remove some of the strain, enabling them to enjoy the process of ‘baby making’ again.

An inability to conceive can sometimes just be getting the timing wrong!

Reproductive reflexology can be used as a stand-alone treatment to enhance natural fertility or with conventional treatments, such as Clomid, with fully medicated cycles of IUI, IVF, and ICSI as well as with donor eggs.

Members of the ‘Association of Reproductive Reflexologists’ are specially trained to work alongside medicated cycles using a treatment protocol that works to enhance the medications efficacy.


Unfortunately as part of the treatment protocol I am only able to see clients for natural fertility after initial tests have been carried out by your GP, this would include a 'Basic Sperm Test' and 'Female Blood Hormone Profile' (please note GP's are happy to carry out these tests if a couple have been trying to conceive naturally for some months)

At consultation stage I do insist on seeing both partners as the need to work together is a must (often when a couple are trying to conceive naturally time is spent working with the female partner only to find out at a later stage that the male partner has for example sperm abnormalities; this is why sight of all test results are most important)

Cost of treatment:

Initial consultation fee: £50 which would include a fertility pack consisting  of a basal body thermometer, pre-conception plan and fertility CD's.all appointments thereafter £40.00
(please note: if both partners are requiring treatment session time would need to increase to 90 minutes and so cost would be £60)

Prior to the appointment you will receive, by email, a pre conception form which I would ask you both to complete and bring along to your consultation, together with copies of all test results

Please note:

I now offer a free 30 minute consultation giving couples the opportunity to discuss treatment protocol, time scales and cost

Treatment protocol:

Female issues - I would need to see the female partner for weekly sessions throughout one cycle, before going on to an 'actively trying to conceive' program however, this would depend on any anomalies with the cycle as these would need to be addressed, (an 'actively trying to conceive' protocol would entail treating during week two (as close to ovulation as possible) and week three (5-7 days post ovulation to enhance the chances of successful implantation). I would also ask the female to chart for a period of 2-3 months; as discussed during consultation.

With a condition such as PCOS, no bleeds, or an erratic cycle, once again I would ask the female to chart and commit to weekly treatments for a minimum of two months.

Male fertility issues:

Such as low or abnormal sperm - treatment protocol would consist of weekly sessions for three months. I would request the male has a basic sperm test prior to treatment commencing (this would of course depend on how recent the initial sperm test had been carried out) and another test after treatment protocol has ended; this gives a clear indication of improvements made during treatment.

Referral and Loyalty Discount

Refer a client and receive a 20% discount off your next appointment (referral will also receive 20% off their 1st appointment)

Loyalty discount: receive £10 off your 4th reflexology treatment

Contact details:

For more information please contact Charmaine

Call - 07595 044792 

Email - charmaine.reflexology@gmail.com

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