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  Tui na, pronounced twee-na, has been practised in Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 2000 years. It is still used today in some Chinese city hospitals such as Shanghai and Beijing for any injury or pain condition for which trauma care is not immediately necessary. Differing from pampering massage treatments, Tuina works on relieving stress, restoring balance throughout the systems of the body, and renewing energy levels. It is deeply restorative, strengthening the mind and body, whilst toning the central nervous system.

What happens during your treatment 

The tui na practioner delivers healing touch to clients for injuries, aches and pains. The client remains fully clothed and receives their treatmant through a cotton sheet which provides, modesty, warmth and comfort. Full treatment includes -

tuina artwork David Beal push pullOriginal art work commissioned by David Beal for our Regain Turnaround clinics. It incorporates the two Chinese symbols that describe 'Push Pull', the proper translation of 'Tui Na'
  • Tuina massage therapy for stress, injury, aches and pains, and mind body traumas.
  • Far infrared therapy provided before, during and after massage, and used independently of massage for health improvement.
  • Lifestyle analysis and health rebuilding strategies.
  • 'First Ferment' food workshops to assist clients in adopting the 'old ways' of food preparation, for health restoration.
  • Access to health information, health library, food supplements and home health support equipment.

Chris and Katrina support you with health guidance that can work alongside any conventional treatments that you may be going through with your doctor. They never advise clients to come off medical treatments, being health research information providers only. They may make suggestions that you can take to your doctor. They also provide support when all other options have failed and you are looking for another way.

Tuina provides the means for restoring clients' physical strength and well-being, giving them the ability to make the dietary, life-style and nutritional changes that were needed.

Costcabintuina resized

Massage and FAR infared sauna: from £45

Far infared sauna only: from £15

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