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If you are told that you have unexplained infertility or infertility with a cause you may be feeling lost, confused and alone. You may be trying to be strong and hiding how you feel; it can take over your life. Hypnotherapy can support you to cope with any physical symptoms you may be experiencing and it helps you to explore any unconscious psychological beliefs that may be holding you back and it promotes deep relaxation in your mind and body.
Hypnotherapy can support you to deal with your feelings and any fears you have and to move forward positively and to take back control over your life.  I teach you about the body’s fight or flight response and how anxiety and stress affects your body and reproductive system. Hypnosis supports you to deeply relax. You cannot be forced under hypnosis and you can still resist any suggestion made to you under hypnosis; you remain in complete control. You can attend as a couple or alone. I also provide you with hypnotherapy recordings (his and hers) for you to listen to regularly.

When I was told that I had unexplained fertility I felt very alone and confused about what would happen and I was fed up of being obsessed by it and then distraught by the monthly disappointments. After all the investigations I became pregnant on the Clomid medication but miscarried before 12 weeks. A year later I became pregnant but miscarried again before 12 weeks. We were devastated. I felt that my dreams had been shot to pieces and that no one understood me. By then I was 40 and had to look at privately funding the IVF which was very expensive and I needed to use a donor egg to have a chance of getting pregnant; I could not face the IVF process so I stopped hoping and rehomed a beautiful dog instead! My friends were all having children and I felt that I was an outsider; that I was not allowed to join this very special club of parents. My friendships changed as we had less in common. The distance between my (now ex) husband grew and the pressure of it all was too much for me. I wish I had known about the use of hypnotherapy with fertility at that time.

I am passionate about supporting people using hypnotherapy at any stage of your fertility investigations or treatments or if you are at the stage of wanting to move on with your life.

Free initial phone consultation. I hold a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Counselling skills and I am a certified Fertility 2 Birth Practitioner and Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach. I also do Reiki Healing which promotes the body’s natural ability to heal itself and it is deeply relaxing.

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