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Improving community wellbeing

the self centre is a special type of business. On a practical level we share many problems and factors for success with business in general. But we are more than that.

Our distinctiveness comes from the reasons we have been set up, the needs we meet, and the principles by which we work. This gives the self centre core values that most traditional businesses lack.

There is acceptance now that much of today’s dis-ease and illness is a direct result of our frantic modern way of life. the self centre provides a wide choice of stress relieving and health promoting activities and therapies – a place of sanctuary.

the self centre is motivated by social goals of employment creation, provision of quality local services and improving the health and wellbeing of our community.

So what do we do?

the self centre is a welcoming retreat where you can, relax, unwind and discover more about yourself.

We provide an environment:

  • To learn and practice yoga, pilates, tai chi and gi gong.
  • For people of all ages to develop new skills and awareness.
  • To experience health-promoting and stress relieving complementary therapies.
  • Providing holistic hair and beauty treatments.
  • Offering a range of equipment and gifts from local and fair trade suppliers.
  • To enjoy the café specialising in homemade, healthy and organic food.

 And what are we trying to achieve?

To be recognised as a leading enterprise providing health and wellbeing services in a truly welcoming environment that is:

  • Inclusive and caring
  • Nurturing and healing
  • Developing and empowering

Simply, the self centre is a place to help everyone look after themselves.

the self centre is a business with primarily social objectives whose surpluses are principally reinvested for that purpose in the business or in the community, rather than being driven by the need to maximise profit for shareholders and owners.

A social purpose

  • We are an organisation that trades in the market for a social purpose.
  • One phrase that you will often hear about social enterprise is the notion of the “triple bottom line”. This is used to describe the triple aims of the enterprise to meet its financial, social and environmental goals. This approach is key to any social enterprise.
  • the self centre regularly undertakes a ‘social review’ to help evaluate our performance against our own targets, against staff and customer expectations, and against our impact on the environment.
  • Crucially, social enterprises like the self centre compete in the marketplace like any other business, but they use their business skills to achieve social aims. We aim to make a profit but then re-invest that money into the business and the community.

What does the self centre do with its profits?

  • All the profits made by the self centre are reinvested back into the business to:
  • Allow a greater range of affordable services to be provided.
  • Help fund low cost out-reach programs for health and wellbeing education.
  • Minimise our impact on the environment through the use and promotion of eco-responsible and fair trade products.
  • Provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for our staff and centre users.
  • Maintain a sustainable and self supporting business for the long term. It has been established to make a difference to people's lives. the self centre and its out-reach programmes in schools, clubs and companies are a way of helping individuals of all ages and abilities to just be themselves in an environment of acceptance, inclusion and non-judgement.

 the self centre is owned by Abbeycroft Leisure

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